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advCMS içerik yönetim sistemiadvCMS is a template based content management system that allows the user to manage many sites at once. The main features are creating, adding and managing pages, and user management. Additional modules areavailable for integration from module libraries, or can be developed.

Using the latest technology and optimization techniques, AdvCMS is a very high performance content management system on the server.

advCMS allows the use of more than one content editor simultaneously, thus allowing different users to use the system with different accounts.

Advanced Features

Automatic Templates: Existing or newly created templates can be used to keep the outlook of the whole site consistent with a single click.

Easily Editable Content: YContent editor allows the use of a simple and intuitive interface to add and change the text and pictures. Created pages can be made online or offline only in a few clicks.

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Scalable Features: In addition to the standart features, pre-existing modules can be used or new ones can be developed and integrated easily to the content manager.

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Module Examples: User Management, User Support System

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