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advMassMailer 2.0

eduGate- eğitim yönetim sistemiadvMassMailer allows you to send mass emails to contacts in your addressbook, MS Excel, Access or text files, using MS Outlook 2000, Outlook XP, or Outlook 2003. Please note that you should have Windows XP in order to run advMassMailer correctly. Windows Vista and Windows 7 is not currently tested to be working.


ADV Mass MaileradvMassMailer supports RTF, HTML and Plain text mail messages.

advMassMailer can send emails either individually or using easy BCC interface. When using BCC sending, you just enter how many mails each message should be sent to and advMassMailer packs the messages and sends them.

advMassMailer can import e-mail addresses from text files and send individual emails to these email addresses.

If you keep your e-mail addresses in contact folders, advMassMailer can easily send mails to all the contacts in a specific folder.

advMassMailer saves all the sent messages to a new folder under Sent Items.

advMassMailer can send mails whenever you connect to internet. It saves them first to your Outbox and if internet connection is available, sends the messages immediately.

Depending on your internet connection speed and mail message size, advMassMailer can send 1000 mails per minute.

advMassMailer supports attachments however if your attachment size is very big, it may take some time to send to all receipients.

advMassMailer automatically logs invalid email addresses into the file named massmail.log which resides in the application folder while importing email addresses from an external text file. If irregular email addresses are found in the imported text file, a message box is displayed to warn you about how many irregular email addresses are found. In the log file, you can see the irregular email addresses as well as numbers of lines where they are located.

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