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ADV Digester 1.0

advDigester is a plug-in for Microsoft Word which helps you to extract information from documents. advDigester digests a document using format specifications (headings, font colors, styles) and using special patterns (URLs, email addresses, specific words, regular expressions) or using built-in modules (table extractor, image extractor, track changes reporter etc.) into a new document with various format options (plain text, bookmark to original document, page and line numbers etc.) and different grouping options (headings, colors, styles or any combination of this three options). advDigester can be installed and used by every Microsoft Word user with easy installation package, auto update feature and step by step wizard. While doing research, reading contracts, testimonies or long documents, advDigester creates summary documents according to your needs. advDigester adds a new toolbar to Word and you can remove it easily by hiding the toolbar or uninstalling the software.

advDigester can be used by;

ADV Digester 1.0 Features

Please note that some functionality options use Microsoft Word's built-in mechanisms. So all restrictions and/or impediments that this engine have will directly affect the output that is created by advDigester. advDigester is not responsible for this type of effects.

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