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advMassMailer 2.0 FAQ

What is the difference between individual mails and BCC?

When you choose sending mails individually each message is sent is seperately. This personalizes messages however if your internet connection speed is low, may send slower. If you choose to send using BCC, every message is packed and sent to many recipients at the same time. This increases the speed however messages are not sent individually.

What is the difference between distribution lists and advMassMailer?

In a distribution list you have to create a list and update it every time you add a new contact. Also distribution lists show the name of the list when you send the mail. If you are not expert with distribution lists, all the addresses may be seen in your address. advMassMailer lets you easily choose the address to send the mail to and lets you send a personal mail to these addresses.

When do people use this software?

This software is used in many areas by many companies:

I have multiple accounts on my Outlook. How can I choose which one to use?

Before clicking on adv Send Mass Mail click on Options button and select the account you want to use from Send Using.

How can I send HTML mails?

You can change the format of the email by entering the Format menu and clicking the HTML item in New Message composing screen.

How should my text file be?

our text file should contain one email per line and no empty lines or other information.

Can I import addresses from a text file?

Yes you can import addresses from text files, which have one e-mail address per line.

Can I send mails in any language?

Yes, you can send mails in any language. Just make sure that you have done the necessary settings in Outlook.

Does advMassMailer support attachments?

Before contacting, close your Outlook program and start it again.

Do you support groups (distribution lists)?

No we do not support distribution lists. Instead of using distribution lists, you can arrange your email address in folders and advMassMailer can send mails to specific folders.

I installed advMassMailer but the icon does not appear on Outlook toolbar. What can I do?

Yes, you can send mails in any language. Just make sure that you have done the necessary settings in Outlook.

Can I send mails in any language?

You might be using Word as your mail editor. You can disable it from Tools / Options / Mail Format menu.

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