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eduGate- eğitim yönetim sistemieduGate LMS is a complete solution for the online training need of companies and academic institutions. One can plan, organize, execute, and report all in-class and online education programs using eduGate. The system can be customized according to needs, including complete customization of interface and language, addition of new features and integration with other software. eduGate supports the most common AICC and SCORM 1.2 (RTE3) standards allowing the use of third party content easily.

Advanced Course Planning

With eduGate one can define course templates including both online and face-to-face activities. These templates include online lessons, exams, and face-to-face activities organized in hierarchical structure with prerequisite, mastery score and time constraints.

Easy Administration

eduGate supports unlimited numbers of administrators and instructors, each of them having different authorization on function, course, exam, program basis. From the administration area, instructors can easily create education plans, assign students and track their performances.

Course Materials

eduGate can deploy different types of course material. From single documents to comprehensive education plans, eduGate can easily handle standard and non-standard courses. eduGate complies with AICC and SCORM standards.

Wide Range of Collaboration Tools

eduGate provides comphensive two-way communication among students and instructors:


Instructors can add homework to the course plan and for this a virtual drop box is provided. Students can upload their homework to the system. Instructors can download and evaluate the homework.

Advanced Assesment Tools

eduGate's examination engine allows formation of question pools with seven different question types. These questions can be grouped under each course and random exams can be generated. The exams can be activated as timed exams. The system also allows scrambling of questions and choices to minimize cheating.

User Groups

Users of eduGate can be grouped in a hierarchical tree structure and each user can become a member of multiple groups. These groups later can be used in restrictions or selections in different functions of eduGate to create ease of use for the administrators.

Detailed Reporting

eduGate provides detailed reporting on student progress. The reports can be prepared on a student, user group, class, or course basis. These reports can be customized and new reports can be developed if needed.

Customized Interface

The interface, images, styles, etc. can be easily customized to make eduGate fit into your corporate identity. Also, new languages can be added fairly easily. Currently eduGate comes with English, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, and Turkish language options.


eduGate has a simple library module where students can search and borrow books and e-books. This module can be integrated into existing library software if needed.

Live Online Sessions: eduGate Live

eduGate Live works integrated with eduGate LMS to allow instructors to carry live virtual classroom sessions. The instructors can make their presentations or Q&A sessions in audio support, PowerPoint presentations and whiteboard. eduGate Live does not require any additional software by the client and works with dial-up connections as well as broadband access.

Technical Requirements

eduGate has been developed using Microsoft .Net technology on Microsoft IIS and MS SQL Server. It can be easily deployed on the Internet or the Intranet.

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