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SCORM API 1.2 and 2004 API

Sharable Content Object Reference Model.Advancity provides SCORM 2004 and 1.2 API to companies who want to make their LMS's SCORM compliant. Besides its cost and time efficiency, Advancity has spent enourmous effort to prepare a high performance and full SCORM compliant API. Advancity's SCORM API 2004 and 1.2 has been developed by reading, comprehending and coding over 2000 pages of specifications. With these products, you can convert or create a LMS in 1 week with all the SCORM features.

SCORM 2004 API Features

Advancity's SCORM 2004 Compliant LMS is formed of four modules. These are

  1. Content Package Import module,
  2. Sequencing & Navigation (S&N) module,
  3. Run-Time Environment(RTE) Module,
  4. User Interface (UI) module.

Advancity's SCORM 2004 LMS is implemented in pure EcmaScript (a.k.a. javascript) with the exception of few coding in server side scripting for Package Import module and client to server communication. Since server side scripting is kept in minimum, it can be easily converted to any server side scripting language (PHP, JSP, PL, ASP,...) with minimum effort. Figure below summarizes how SCORM 2004 LMS implementation is established.


  1. Content Package Import: A content package prepared in Package Interchange File (PIF)  format is imported to the LMS Server through Content Package Import Module. From now on, the content is ready to be published for the learning experience.

  2. XML Engine: Communication between Clients and LMS Server for sending database queries and receiving the corresponding results are performed through XML Engine.

  3. JSON Serialization Engine: Communication between Clients and LMS Server for complex data structures such as activity tree structure for learning content, and tracking data for learner is performed through JSON serialization engine. Accordingly, serialized activity tree, and tracking data is kept on LMS Server as files formed of JSON string.

  4. RTE-S&N Interaction: RTE and S&N modules interact throughout learning experience of learner to deliver appropriate content as specified in SCORM® 2004 3rd Edition Sequencing and Navigation Version 1.0

  5. UI-RTE Interaction: Navigation requests within a learning content are send to RTE by UI, which are processed by RTE as specified in SCORM® 2004 3rd Edition Run-Time Environment  Version 1.0 to form the appropriate tracking information.

  6. Client-UI Interaction: Each client can launch a learning content and navigate within the learning content through UI.

SCORM 2004 API provides support for all the elements mentioned in SCORM 2004 rev3 standards. Advancity provides the following deliverables;

We also provide consulting and/or coding services while implementation if needed.


SCORM 1.2 API Integration

Integrating the API to the LMS requires some modifications on the LMS side. Here is step by step what you need to do:

Advancity can provide consulting services and development services if you need. Consulting service includes giving sample codes and DB structure for all the steps and giving advice on how you can implement them to your LMS. Also Advancity provides development services. Please contact us for more information.


Advancity SCORM API has been used by companies and institutions in Belgium, Holland, Ireland, USA and Turkey. Over 200.000 users are taking courses served by Advancity's SCORM API


The pricing of the SCORM 1.2 and 2004 API depend on how much integration services you need. Please contact our sales team to request more information about the pricing. Please state your technology, your needs and what you expect from Advancity in implementing SCORM 1.2 and/or SCORM 2004

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