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Success Stories


Kavrakoğlu Management InstituteAdvancity is a strategic partner of Kavrakoglu since 2002. While Advancity develops new products and offer technological support to Kavrakoglu projects, Kavrakoglu supports Advancity by providing content for projects.

The latest Kavrakoglu Project,, a university preperation system has been developed jointly. This Project contains the whole university preperation curriculum in e-lesson format, which can be accessed by a browser. Apart from the lessons, it provides tools that allow the students to compare themselves to other students, and olso offer counseling. 200000 students are expected to use the system for the first year.

Apart from these, two companies have jointly developed eduGate LMS, eduGate CCT, eduGate Flashor, eduGate Live, EduGate KMS and eduGame projects, and currently working on large scale projects aimed for personal and corporate customers.


Amongst these eduGame has been an interesting and entertaining project for Advancity. eduGame is a business game based on dairy industry played by two or more players. The aim of the game is to successfully compete with other players in profits, company value, market share and customer loyalty issues.

The game allows the players to make operational decisions such as sales, marketing, production, raw materials, finance, and investment decisions like capacity, quality management, and hr. The game also has advanced reporting options.

eduGame is the first product of its kind developed in Turkey.

Sabancı University

Sabancı Üniversitesi

Sabancı University prefers to work with Advancity since 2001, and is one of the foremost strategic partners of the company.

Advancity has designed and implemented web sites and web based applications for several departments of the University, and developed "Payment Gate".

Payment Gate is the system that centralizes all the payments done via credit card for the university. The payment details collected by departmental websites are processed by the common e-pos, and sent to the bank, after the confirmation, the payment information is reported to the Finance Department. The system is working successfully since 2004.

The other projects we have completed for the university are used by EDU , REF and ERG departments.

Advancity also recieves academical support from the Sabanci University for projects in other areas.

Daruma Corporate Finance

Daruma Corporate Finance

Daruma, founded in 1999, is an independent Corporate Finance institution which specializes in Debt and Capital Finance.

Advancity started to work with Daruma, by designing their website. The business relationship progressed to a higher level when Daruma needed an Intranet/Extranet Management system, and asked Advancity to create it.

Advancity designed the system integrated to the Exchange Server and Active Directory with modules such as CRM, Project Management, Financial Analysis, Task and Appointment system, Progress Reporting, Meeting Room Management.

The project was highly appreciated and was improved in 2005, adding new functionality, including Blackberry integration.

Number of Daruma employees has gone up from 5 in 2000 to 30, and serves its customers in offices in Middle Asia, Europe and Balkans. Since the founding Daruma has provided its customers with over 1 billion euros of finance.

Daruma is still working with Advancity.


Freebirds Publishing

Free Birds was founded in 2001 and offers high quality design, press and distribution services in publishing.

In 2006 the company recieved funding from the United Nations for Tourism, Health and Agriculture education and information projects. The design and programming tasks of the projects has been handled by Advancity.

The system offers innovative services, especially in the tourism part. It is integrated with the Amadeus system and allows online plane and hotel reservations, and booking with credit card options.


CPDWiseCPDWise is an Irish company, which needed to convert the open source LMS they owned, to SCORM compliant. They reached Advancity through references and asked them to do the Project.

Advancity used the propetiary SCORM API to complete the Project on php/mySql and presented it to the customer

CDPWise keeps working with Advancity. The task of converting the LMS to SCORM 2004 compliant is being planned.

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